What are peptides and why do they need in body?

The word “peptides” came from the Greek language, and it means “nutritious”. Today, peptides are actively used to burn fat and build muscle in bodybuilding. German Fischer, a German scientist, discovered peptide bonds in amino acids as early as the beginning of the 20th century. He worked long hours to be able to extract them. And, finally, in 1905 he did it.

But the work of the “chemists” did not end there, and for many years they tried to study the peptides. Even though more than 2000 species are already known, peptide value and their biological properties are still not fully understood.

Action of peptides

Many processes in the body, such as flabbiness and sagging of the skin, the “aging” of organs and joints, a lack of collagen, is attributed to the shortage of peptides. Therefore, we can say that they only positively affect the human body in general. Peptides regulate various hormones in the body, thanks to them the glands of internal secretion function better.

The process of reproducing human chains of amino acids in the laboratory requires a lot of time and money. But the research will continue anyway, because there are already positive results – peptide bio regulators are produced that can restore the efficiency of single cells in the body.

Types of peptides

If we take as an example a sphere such as bodybuilding, the Boss Peptides can be functional and structural.

Structural peptides are so-called hydro isolate and whey protein (concentrate). They begin to act when the amino acids are cleaved. Immediately after this begins the synthesis of protein – and there is a consecutive increase in muscle mass.

Waterproofing and whey protein concentrate give the body amino acids that “build” the body. Thanks to these compounds, muscle mass is preserved even when a person is starving.

Side effects arising from overdose are protein poisoning and a very rapid development of the muscles from which the ligaments suffer.

Functional peptides prevent accumulation of subcutaneous fat in the body and help to quickly build muscle mass. They act immediately, as they hit the body. The muscle increment is due to the fact that peptides act on growth hormone.

Advantages of functional peptides

  • Immunity is strengthened.
  • The condition of the ligaments is normal.

Peptides to reduce fat mass help somatotropin (growth hormone) to work up to 4 times more. They also improve digestion and stop pulling on sweet and fatty foods.

Fundamental rules to take peptides

For peptides that stimulate the production of growth hormone:

  • The injection site is the abdominal cavity 8cm from the navel;
  • If the injection is properly done, the syringe should be at an angle of 90 degrees (if the syringe is 4-8 mm) and 45 degrees (if the syringe is more than 8 mm);
  • The injection should be done strictly on an empty stomach or after 40-60 minutes. After the last meal, not earlier;
  • It is better to have nothing 40 more minutes after the injection;
  • The interval between the injections should be at least 4 hours.

Note that growth factors are most effective when performing intramuscular injections with peptides, and therefore:

  • A syringe 8 mm long and more tilts under 90 degrees;
  • Introduce the drug better before or immediately after physical exertion locally in the muscles.

Injections of peptides of other types are carried out subcutaneously. These include, for example, peptides that stimulate increased production of growth hormone, which do not have a time-binding between injections and meals.

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