5 Tips For Preparing Your Child For Their First Day In School

Taking your child to school for the first time can be hell. It is not their fault. The first day in school is a very difficult time for them. It is a new environment with total strangers, many of them at a go. Some adults still have problems being around strangers and only stick to people they know at parties. It is understandable for your child to be nervous and cry in the dirt the whole day on their first day, and sometimes never want to go back the second day. You can however prepare them for their big day and save yourself the headache of being late for back because they were clinging to your leg for a whole hour. Here’s how;

Don’t skip the open house

On the surface, they look like totally unnecessary burden on your already full schedule. On the hindsight, it might be just what your kid needs to be settled on their first day. The little one will get an opportunity to interact with their soon-to-be environment. They will also get to meet their teachers and fellow students. Come the first day, nothing will be new to them. They might even make a friend they might be looking forward to meeting on the first day.

Carry what they’ll in school need to the open house

Bringing what is needed in school to the open house will help in reducing the things your kid have to do on their first day. They will therefore have an easier time settling in. they also get to arrange their stuff how they will be arranged during school in a more relaxed environment.

Discuss the school diet with them

Even if the school was to provide the exact meals you give your young ones at home, they can’t make them the same way you make them. Let your child expect the change in diet. If you have the school menu with you, let them know what they will be eating at what time. Discuss what types of snacks they can carry to school. It might also be a good time to teach them about sharing with others. Address any concerns they might have. You can read about how to prepare for emergencies on Momwithaprep.Com.

Talk positively about school

All talk regarding school in the house days to the kid joining should strictly be positive. Otherwise, they will be scared even before they set their foots in the school. This is not the time for the older children to talk about how school sucks and how a certain teacher pinched someone’s nose for not doing their homework. Get them excited about learning fun new things and making new playmates.

Take the morning bus

Unless you will be picking and dropping them off daily, let their first ride to the school be on the school bus if that’s what they will be using. Ride the bus with them if you can. It will prepare them for subsequent bus rides. Schools often have different bus schedules for different grades so there are no chances of them getting bullied in the bus. They will all be new faces in the bus.

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