The truth behind six common sex myths

Whether you first heard it behind the school bike sheds or later amongst your adult friends, it is amazing how many sex myths still persist! Here we take a look at some that need putting to bed for once and for all.

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Sex burns ‘loads’ of calories

Some celebrities might hint that their fabulous physiques are down to regular sex sessions with their new partner, but don’t believe it. Sex typically burns around 100 calories for a man and around 70 calories for a woman, so you can’t offset those summer ice-creams or cheeky G&Ts after work that easily!

STIs always have symptoms

Sadly, this is also not true. Many common STIs have minimal – if any – symptoms, and those signs that do occur in one person may be completely absent in another. The best approach is simply not to take the risk. Use a condom and have a regular sexual health check – or at least when you are planning to change partner – so that you are up to date and can be treated for any infection that is spotted.

Condoms can be reused

They can’t and they should be used once only. Don’t take the risk and try to use them twice, as the risk of tearing becomes far greater. If you do have an accident, go for an STI test in Greenwich as soon as you can or order a self-test from a provider such as

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Size is the most important thing

Women actually tend to prefer average-sized penises because they are more comfortable. Very large male members are beloved by the porn industry, but female satisfaction has very little to do with size!

Blue balls are a reality

Guys will tell girls that their balls are in danger of ‘exploding’ if they don’t have regular sex, but thankfully this really isn’t true either! Get the facts from reputable sources and you will feel far more confident in your sexual knowledge.

Big feet suggest a large penis

This is another old myth; again, it is completely untrue. Studies have shown conclusively that there is absolutely no link between foot and penis size, so there is no need to upscale when buying a new pair of shoes for a Saturday night out on the town!

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