What are the main parts of a cold room?

Cold rooms are useful when you need storage for large stocks of perishable items, but what main components do they need to do their jobs properly? Read on to find out more.

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The compressors used in modern commercial cold rooms utilise advanced technology to pull low-pressure, low-temperature vapour from the cold room’s evaporator. Once drawn, the vapour is compressed, causing its temperature to rise.

The compressor’s main function is to create high-temperature vapour from low-temperature vapour to increase pressure. The compressors in refrigeration units then release this vapour into what is known as a discharge line.


The condenser’s purpose is to change gas into a liquid form. Refrigerant gas is sucked from the evaporator by the compressor and is liquefied by the condenser. Cold rooms make use of air-cooler condensers, which are highly efficient, safe and convenient.

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The evaporator found in cold rooms from suppliers such as https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/cold-rooms can transform liquids into gas, absorbing heat in the process. Heat is transferred from a refrigerated area into the heat pump via liquid refrigerant. This is boiled in evaporators at low pressure.

Once heat transfer has occurred, the liquid refrigerant is drawn from the evaporator by the compressor using a suction line. You can read more about the processes of evaporation and condensation on the BBC GCSE Bitesize website.

Expansion valve

This valve is normally placed at the end of a unit’s liquid line, before the evaporator. The liquid refrigerant reaches the valve after condensation has occurred. Its temperature is taken down to below atmospheric levels as the pressure is reduced and is then pumped into the unit’s evaporator.

Wind curtains

These go at the top of doors to divide air between the cold room and outside and work to prevent the loss of cold air. They are popular choices due to their affordability and reliability.

Electronic control box

These allow for the safe and easy control of cold room environments and are a vital part in safe food handling processes. They allow for simple yet highly efficient temperature control and for easy alterations to be made.

Cold storage door

The door is a vital part in creating a closed structure and is normally constructed to be lightweight, well-insulated, rust-resistant, and able to withstand high levels of moisture.

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