What you need for long-term treatment if you want to get treated for depression?

Depression treatment should not be interrupted by yourself

In medicine depression treatment, arbitrary medication interruption is very dangerous. Control of the kind and amount of medicine should be left to the judgment of the doctor. In general, it is said that it is necessary to start treatment from a small amount, increase to the dose at which the effect appears while discerning side effects, and continue taking medication for a while after the symptoms are improved. When stopping the medicine also gradually decrease the amount, it is better to leave the declaration of recovery to the judgment of the doctor.

Consultation after transfer to a specialist

Depression is a disease to which treatment is advanced based on treatment plan. Transfer by self-judgment has a big influence on the overall treatment plan such as the new doctor cannot know the past course of treatment and prolongation period until complete recovery. If you want to transfer from hospital such as internal medicine, currently being examined to a clinic with depression specialist, firstly consult with the doctor who is taking the latest and want to get consent.

Let’s make a relationship of trust with a doctor

Depression has a relatively long treatment period, and doctors’ interviews and interviews produce important hints of treatment. The doctor wants to listen to the rest of the patient from the previous visit, the treatment policy and the impression of the medicine, and to do how to further advance the treatment strategy at a short interview time. In order to proceed with such examination, the relationship of trust between the doctor and us becomes important. It is also important to ask questions about treatment and speak frankly about the situation of living at home. It might be a good idea to take notes so that you can remember immediately at the consultation.

How can medical specialists do the medical treatment?

Depression specialist is good at having empathy with the patient. We can use various methods to observe the situation and advance medical treatment so that words such as the pain of depression which cannot be expressed by words, frustration etc. are expressed by words. Depending on familiar and easy-to-talk depression specialists, it may be a prompt remission (symptomatic disappearance) and a quick way to complete recovery.

Take a specialist near my house and get a doctor

Considering that, it will be a long-term treatment, choosing a clinic specialist in the vicinity of home or in a place easy to visit is another way. Treatment of depression can be further improved by combining with a doctor and a scrum who can talk about anything, including mental problems while resting, troubles about treatment using medication, confirmation of improvement points of symptoms etc.

Think about recurrence and choose a family doctor

Depression is also characterized by a high recurrence rate. If a family doctor who knows the state of the treatment and treatment method so far is nearby, it will be possible to prevent and cope with more appropriate relapse. If you do not miss a sign of recurrence and give early treatment to it, you will be able to halt severity.

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