What to know if you love a person suffering from anxiety?

When someone who loves suffers from high-functioning anxiety, the disorder is not always obvious. Success in life – whether it is a work recognition or, for example, a particular liveliness during a party – does not mean that he or she is not dealing with something mentally.

While living with this disturbance they endure debilitating side effects, they are good at hiding it – even to loved ones or partners. Those who struggle with this disease often suffer from panic and excessive concern, headaches and more.

As with any mental health problem, the more you know about it, the better it is. Information is very important to eliminate a stigma – and a smaller stigma could persuade people to seek help. Research shows that negative stereotypes often prevent people suffering from mental problems seeking a cure.

We asked members of our Facebook community to share what they would like to tell their partners and family about their high-powered anxiety as a way to shed light on the disorder. Below, some things to keep in mind if you love someone who is dealing with the disease …

  1. The most trivial tasks may seem very difficult

“Some everyday activities may seem easy to them, but they are not for me. Doing shopping, going to the post office, at school, etc. It’s not easy and there are times when I cannot pretend that my anxiety does not be out of control “- Sabrina Campbell.

  1. There are physical as well as emotional symptoms

“I would like to make him understand that physically I feel like on the roller coaster with an infinite descent, and I hold the tears as I urge my body to return to normal” – Julie Carr

  1. Recognizing pathology can prove to be an act of love …

“I am ashamed of my anxiety so I try to hide it. Unfortunately, he is the person closest to me and when I can not hold back, he usually does the job” – Amy Schultheiss

  1. … but the battle can be invisible, even in the eyes of the affectionate

“I would like my comrade to understand that even if I get up from bed and face the day, it does not mean she does not have anxiety. Those who do not have anxiety cannot always recognize her – Emily Yocom

  1. Small gestures do so

“My girlfriend does a thing that I really enjoy: she waits for me to talk about the moment of anxiety that I live, even though she sees things at home and at work are accumulating, and when I finally lose the brackets, it helps me compile a great list of everything that does not go – Maria Lyon.

  1. Anxiety can be unpredictable

“I can hold meetings with 200 people who work for me, talk eloquently and persuasively, but paralyze me when I’m at a party, unable to invent something to tell my friends. Maybe I’m enjoying a grill, but then something makes me snap and I feel the need to flee … It’s not a condition that you can always expect – Susan Vliet

  1. Those who suffer from it never feel safe from the disease

“There is never a sense of security. The beautiful things that happen are always blurred by the thought of how they can go astray or by what other aspect of my life will fall apart” – Alexandra Mykita.

  1. What you say about this disorder counts a lot

“Tell people to overcome or face their fears, does not help and worsen the sensation because it makes you think you’re crazy even if you’re not” – Haley Michelle

  1. High-performance anxiety is not controllable

“It’s not a choice – if it was for me, I certainly would not choose to feel that way. I hope there will be more tolerance and understanding than it is out of control.” – Carla McDonald.

  1. Cause unfounded fears

“I would like to let him know that my constant fear that he can leave me has nothing to do with him, does not mean I do not trust him – it’s my brain to tell me that I’m not enough. That’s a burden” – Christina Loken.

  1. Your support is fundamental

“Stay close to supporting us and loving us, and be open” – Glori Sutton

Just a few reminders to keep in mind. Anxiety is a bad beast, but our loved ones know that recognizing the alarm signals – and knowing how to act – can help alleviate it.

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