What to do when you feel defeated?

If everything seems to go wrong, you are allowed to chew … but only for 4 minutes, exactly. Here’s what to do from the fifth minute on …

1. Try the “Pixar Solution”

How do you feel? Layoffs / fines / deadlines / figures in public, all packed in a panic wrap. Everything is falling on you.

What to do? “A trick I’ve learned is to make a list of things that really go wrong” writes Ed Catmull, president of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, in his new book Creativiy, Inc. “Usually, by filling out the list, I can isolate most of the outstanding issues in groups of two or three issues, all of which include them.” I understand that the situation is not that dramatic. Having a list of problems under the eyes is much better than feeling the feeling that everything is going to roll. ”

2. Celebrate your super powers

How do you feel? You have not done anything? Everyone is rich, famous, married, influential … all but you.

What to do? Take a look at Chino Otsuka’s pictures: show her, as an adult, and inserted in the photos of her childhood. Then, ask this question: what would that 6-year-old child of your present life say? You probably would think that you are fantastic, even just because you have a device on the fridge that dispenses water and ice directly in the glass. There is more: you can bring a puppy home every time you go.

3. Find the engineer that is in you

How do you feel? Presentation was a fiasco. The scarf you’ve been working for six months has been defeated, to be just a woolen elbow. In other words, you failed.

What to do? Go to “Admitting Failure”. It is a website with which the Engineers Without Borders (EWB) association encourages anyone who wants to share his mistakes, to embark on a new path to success. “Having no fear of being put on the sedan for being mistaken, members of EWB staff are more inclined to take risks, which are often the most important steps for achieving incredible creative turns, “writes Carl Honoré, author of” The Slow Fix. ” Okay, you’re not an engineer. But the great thing about recovering after a failure is that it can happen in all professions and in every situation.

4. Find the best thing that has ever happened to you

How do you feel? something just bad has just happened to happen. And you cannot do anything to solve things.

What to do? Megan McArdle, author of “The Up Side of Down”, has conducted research on hundreds of people. Respondents had to say what, in their view, other people would point out that the best things ever happened in their lives. Responses were generally the most desirable: meeting with the partner, the birth of the children. But when asked to point out the event that has changed their lives, seriously they have often named situations that terrorize many of us: divorce, dismissal, cancer. According to McArdle, “moments of crisis may turn out to be turning points.” The author argues that in the most difficult times, most people cannot predict that those same catastrophic circumstances will change their existence. But think about it: Have you ever tried one of these transformation periods on your skin? Could that be the right time?

5. Build something on your own

How do you feel? Do you have a goal in life? What will bring you all this, really?

What to do? Accept the advice of actor Nick Offerman, who suggests starting a project from which to pull out something tangible: “I suggest finding a hobby … put down your phone and do something with your hands, so in For a couple of hours, you will have a concrete result of the time it takes. You may have just been distracted, knitting, cooking or playing, but you have created something.”

6. Expand your horizons

How do you feel? your world is gray and will always be this way.

What to do? Expand your view. NASA archive photos can serve the purpose. Just like the Discover magazine blog. And voila, that endless winter that is flapping on the spirit will become a surreal and marvelous artwork.

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