Self-esteem: How to retrieve it and learn to train it

What is the most important judgment for us? What we give ourselves?

From here all, the talk about self-esteem begins. If the first to not believe in ourselves is us, any other effort is vain. We can accumulate riches, cultivate aesthetic beauty, surround us with adulterers … but the foundation of our self-esteem will be fragile, labile.

How do you believe in oneself, if you have been accustomed to being criticized and focused on what is missing, which we do not know how to do? How do you nourish, train, and cultivate your self-esteem?

Limiting convictions, culture of error, little workout to find the center inside of it work daily like Superman’s kryptonite.

So let’s look at 10 principles to help take the path to nourish and train your self-esteem. Let’s talk about training, because it’s just like going to the gym: you will not be in shape after having gone once and not even two or three. You have to continue to go to the gym, train yourself, feel good and be fit. The same thing happens with self-esteem: you have to continue to feed it to keep it high.

Let’s see what can help us retrieve it and train it …

1) Put an end to limiting beliefs by introducing this phrase into your internal dialogue: “Why not?” “How do I know how it will go?”

2) Displays an image of yourself that you particularly like. Think of the details, and try to feel the emotions that are produced in seeing you as you would always like to be, your “ideal self”.

3) Take action without thinking what will happen a second later, act and just do it! Think about what you like and then act to get it, without thinking about what others will think or do, so you know it only after, before you are just guessing.

4) If you’re wrong, if you do not get the result you will have learned two things: you can act and go wrong and you’re still alive and you know what to do now: you’ve made an experience. The real problem is that if we do not face a fear, this one later will be bigger, until we become a “monster” and feel small little sources of it to her.

The real problem is that if we do not face a fear, this one later will be bigger, until we become a “monster” and feel small little sources of it to her.

5) If you refuse, remember that the rejection does not say anything about you, but he says something about who sets him up: it tells us something about his tastes, times and ways. We will not be the right one for the other at this time. Okay, we’ll be right for someone else.

6) The only true parameter you have to inspire yourself to improve yourself is yourself and not the others. Ask what you know today better than yesterday and motivate you to do better than yesterday.

7) Your defects and limitations are part of your strength and should not be fought, you must become friends to fight together and face the challenges. Learn to love your flaws by ironizing over it. Humor and self-irony are great qualities that reinforce us. Being rigid, however, makes us more fragile and insecure.

8) Be faithful to yourself and never violate your principles and values for pleasure to others. It starts to think about doing things for you and not against someone. If you’re happier, more accomplished, the people who are near you will enjoy the happiest and most accomplished person.

9) Learn to give before you want to receive it. People do not like those who ask, love who, who makes them feel important, who works with them. Then, you will see, they will return what they received with the emotional interests of gratitude.

10) Enjoy the little things and nourish the beautiful, in all its forms. Happiness and serenity are in every aspect of the day, all around us: from good coffee at the bar in the morning, to the smile of a passerby, from the colleague’s greeting to the blue sky of a beautiful summer day, at the bar sitting at the bar, to the notes of a beautiful song. It does not take long to be happy and to find the beauty in the small things it allows to achieve and above all enjoy great achievements.

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