Best Herbal Remedies for Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is characterized as a disorder in which a person shies away society due to their phobia. Someone who suffers from this disorder is always afraid of being criticized or judged because they don’t like being under scrutiny. They are afraid that they lack the vital social skills needed and will end up making a food of themselves in front of everyone. Due to this unreasonable fear, their thinking becomes distorted and they become afraid of every social act such as drinking or eating with others, working with them or even giving a speech or presenting reports. Being the center of attention is the last thing they want.

This fear can cause them to have panic attacks and eventually pushes people into depression and other mental illnesses. What should you do? Shun society and not interact with people at all? No, this is not a solution. You can take medicines, but they are only temporary and can also have side effects. Luckily, there are some herbal remedies that can be effective for treating social anxiety:

  • Passion Flower

This is a very gentle herb, but can have immensely powerful medicinal values that can be extremely good for dealing with all kinds of anxiety disorders. The function of the nervous system can be enhanced by this herb as it has antioxidant and anxiolytic properties and can minimize oxidative stress and also maintain the health of the nerves.

  • Valerian Root

With natural sedative powers, Valerian Root has been used for years for combating with all kinds of mental disorders. It can not only remove anxiety and stress, but can also enhance the functioning of the central nervous system. Your tense muscles can relax and the mind can stay composed and calm under the influence of this herb.

  • Kratom

An herb that’s native to Southeast Asia, Kratom has gained popularity in the Western world recently due to its potent properties. It can be found in various strains and some of them have been highly effective in stimulating the brain. The alkaloids in Kratom leaves can boost energy and increase productivity. It also reduces depression and increases your confidence and also boosts your self-esteem. The combination of these can aid in overcoming social anxiety.

  • Winter Cherry

This particular herb is recognized as a powerful tonic because it offers vigorous strength to the whole body as well as the mind and also supports the function of the nervous system. Therefore, the mind can stay well focused and alert and all vestiges of nervousness and tension are removed. Once your body and mind are strengthened to the optimum level, all phobias and fear vanish automatically.

  • Chamomile

Known for its soothing and relaxing powers, the anti-inflammatory and ant-oxidant properties of Chamomile provide better control of physical responses to anxiety and stress. The irritated nerves can be calmed with the herb and enhances their electrical responses. Hence, social anxiety can be dealt with quite easily.

Use any of these herbs and you will overcome your fear naturally.

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