Are you happy? Simple tricks to be happier from now on

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You can be happier every day with this simple tool that, becoming unconscious, has the power to change your life from now on.

Being happy is not a prerogative of mystical or lucky people, but a skill you acquire exactly as you do for the many things you can do. You can be happier if you train to be …

When asked, “Are You Happy?” we often complicate things by replying that we are doubtful about the uncertain future, without opportunities or that we have been betrayed in the past, that we have suffered and therefore it is not easy to enjoy the present. In this way, we seek an excuse for problems that prevent us from giving an objective answer. Even some of us are convinced that happiness does not exist.

In fact, the question is disarming for its simplicity. Are you happy? YES! Perfect, then keep doing what you do and enjoy this.

Are you happy? No? Therefore, if you want to be, you have to change something in your life, in your daily habits, and here’s the mind going to look for solutions and it’s in the right direction to allow us to be happier. If you have an excuse, problem or difficulty right away, can you ask yourself: Can I change this? … So happiness is most likely to be your choice, and not a factor that depends on the outside.

As you say, an image is worth more than a thousand words and this graphic is an example …

What do I need to change to be happy? Try asking this question and you’ll see that the answers will be different …

Eat less and more healthy: Perhaps following the advice; What does it matter what I eat with being happy? What you want to change out? Do you really think to increase your self-esteem and your well-being if you continue to swallow all the “crap” you find around? We are what we eat!

Much more: Perhaps with healthy walking, practicing a sport or doing Yoga. We are born to move and stay outdoors, the movement itself has many benefits not only on a physical level but also confirmed on our global happiness.

Stop believing your fears and gain: Trying and doing just what you are so afraid of, getting out of your usual comfort even with simple things like changing bars, the way to work.

Obtain security in sentimental and work reports: Everything that makes us feel confident with time limits us if we do not go beyond, as above, to gain security you can force yourself to do what’s insecure and you will see your self-esteem grow.

Fighting stress: The best way to be happy and to be always under stress. Anxiety and Stress continue to eat your happiness fully and make you live the perception of not being able to control the events.

Believe more in self: How can you be happy if you do not believe in yourself? Who will believe it if you do not believe it? Understanding what you can do with what you now have will give you the energy to do a lot more. Rediscovering dreams and lost desires and programming them step by step is the best way to prove to yourself that you are more than you think.

A relaxing holiday: Might be what you need now, if you find yourself trapped by too much anxiety, it is certainly time to take some air to reload. Do not underestimate your physical and mental health.

Managing excitement and learn the secret of happiness: To be happier you must absolutely know the secrets that give you on the super map of happiness, so you will have a guide that will be useful to you on many occasions.

Have more time for you and your loved ones: Time is the right one for all of us, we all have the same amount, up to us to decide how to make the most of space by inserting enjoy it with the people who give well-being and positive stimuli.

Despite these points that change things there is a small trick I want to share with you and it works fine, that’s why …

A problem of so many people struggling to live more happily is, besides a genetic predisposition, what they unknowingly planned in the unconscious. A peculiarity of the unconscious is that it responds to our emotions and not to logic.

Every time it happens, a situation the mind creates new connections (via new images) that are associated with experiences of that kind enlarging our sensitivity on that thing.

In this way, substances are sent to the body that recall the same sensations of the time. In practice, without knowing it, we train each day to perceive things more and more quickly on which we focus our attention.

That is why we are scared more, we are stressed or depressed more than others depress by the same situation. We train each other continually until it becomes a stable mental habit. As soon as there is a mere situation that has negatively affected us in the past, we are more responsive to doing so instead of dealing with logic.

Choose easy positive attention for yourself and respect it for at least a month. You can put a signal, a sound, and an alarm on your smartphone that repeats several times a day, and when you hear it, take your daily routine for a moment, come back with that mind and set it up.

Just say “Thank You” even within yourself, without anyone noticing, for the good fortune you have to be in health, to be in touch with people who are interesting and interested in you. Just connect that ring a happy and pleasant feeling that remembers the same thing each time.

It may be that you love to do your job well, treat others as you want to be treated/let them better than you found them, it may be that you decide to take a healthy and long breath or tell you an important phrase for you.

Any positivity I call every day and several times a day has the power to train your mind to interiorize it and tell your unconscious that you are the one you’ve chosen and will soon make it all the easier. The feel-good hormones become active without you noticing.

Just try smiling every now and then in front of people when you hear the sound and you will find that it will become a fantastic habit. Soon that signal will be an unconscious guide. After all, who says that the way to happiness must be always long and impervious?

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