7 useful strategies to make your life simpler

7 useful strategies to make your life simpler

What strategies do you use to complicate your life? … Is it normal the stress you are experiencing now? Here are 7 strategies to free your life and make it much simpler.

Anyone can make it today more complicated than it should be, and most people do just that. Because to do the opposite, you need attention to how you live.It is possible to live a simpler and happier life, you can accomplish what you want as long as you take the responsibility of your thoughts first, are the ones you have to question when you go to the race when everything is never enough.

The strategies that follow and the mental map at the end of the post are in my opinion an excellent starting point for understanding more about our habits and thoughts. I advise you to take one at a time, question it with what you live, and feel every day to simplify your life by increasing a small but powerful step at a time. In this way, you can climb mountains much higher ..

1) Identify what is most important, and delete the rest: This may seem somewhat drastic, but it really is not at all. Tomorrow will fill you with all kinds of activities and time wasting, if you are not careful. So to be productive is not just to do things but it comes to choosing what to do with important and what should be deleted.

Simplicity and efficiency rely heavily on the elimination of non-core activities. It is therefore necessary to identify what is useful to you, and to eliminate everything else. Make a list of the things you have to do and divide into three parts …

  • Important things to do right away
  • Things to do sooner or later
  • Those that need to be removed or kept in a drawer for an indefinite tomorrow and are not urgent, which you will only do when you have time.

In this way, you free your mind from a thousand duties and a priority to things to be done in order of necessity. So become more effective because you dedicate your time (which is always too little) and your resources to the things you really need to do. Ps: Remember to save everything in a safe place, three folders of your pc, on a calendar or in a physical place where you can review and update lists, this makes your mind quiet.

2) Free your physical space: Freeing your physical space not only makes things more organized, but also brings you to a lesser and cumbersome mental space. The distractions you see in your work or family environment attract and distract you in many ways that you do not even have pictures.

  • Free up your space from things you do not use or donate to those who can benefit. Breathing to what you see around you and not to worry, you will miss anything.
  • Less is more! It’s not all you possess that force you but what you do with what you have … A book you must know about this is: The magical power of reordering.

3) Program at least one block of time without any distractions every day: Distractions are nothing but complications, holes and loss of time. Every time you have to focus on important things, and space is relatively disordered, eliminating all distractions for a while working, it is one of the most effective ways to do things well and with the right time.

  • Just close the door, put a sign, turn off the phone, close the email, unplug the internet, or call in advance, who you expect will call you, and all you need. You do not have to be hiding forever, but you can be twice as peaceful and twice as productive as this.
  • Cut off for a time block all else.

4) Leave space between your lists of things to do: The temptation to fill every minute of your day is strong but, as the labor law claims, is the worst thing you can do. Take time for yourself. The space between the things you do is as important as the things you do. A moment of pleasantness and well-being gives you more power to do all the rest. It can be a coffee with friends, a passage from a relative or a florist, a walk in the green, or do sports.

  • Your primary goal is to live a simpler and more neat life than most people fill the days with everything they can to fit.
  • That’s why you need to keep space for you. We were not born to live in constant frenzy, in stress. We were born to do our best with what we learn, but enjoying the journey.

5) It’s about Stress: When the day becomes stressful and people around you will not help you, keep in mind that the battle you are going through is never fueled by what others do. It is powered by your mind that matters to these things.

  • Even if you have a good reason to be angry and resentful, they are not doing it to you, you are prolonging it. Direct your energy into thoughts and actions that are actually for the benefit of your life, build the daily rituals positive. And as soon as you move forward positively, remember that there is a huge amount of simplicity and freedom that enters your life when you do not take anything personally.

6) Let go what you cannot control: When trying to control too much, things get complicated and so you enjoy little. Sometimes just, let it go, take a deep breath and love for what it is. You can make mistakes, learn from reality around you, jump over and then move over.

  • Do not “grumble” on the results you cannot control. Stop wanting to change people and let them go to their presence, notice who they are and smile at all their whim.
  • You can also stop complaining about the circumstances of life, such as losses, how the world is, just letting go and losing what is right now. Be enough. Accept quickly, appreciate what you have more.

7) Reflect on Gratitude: One of the main reasons for complicating life is because it becomes ungrateful.

  • We lose the enthusiasm and then go to all the wrong places. We think we need more than anything to find it, but we actually need a lot less.
  • We need less space inside and outside of us, less distraction, less drama and less frenzy, to create the perfect space to appreciate what we already have.
  • And what we have is more and more than enough to make our lives simpler and happier. Think about this. Never let all the things you want to make you forget all the things you have.

Yes, yes … well … but I have too much to do to let them reflect on what to give and on the fortunes of life that I have … I have to run to work, bring my children to school, be on time, eat, change the tires on the car ….

Jack Mathew is an avid enthusiast of all things health and nutrition related, and often called a health geek by colleagues and friends. He is also contributor on a natural remedies blog, and he is now researching on Smoking Kratom for more researching for better use.

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