It’s time to begin to treat depression as the common illness

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When you have the flu, you feel it in pieces. You lie in bed in a fetal position. Do not try to hide it at all. Do not try to deal with it alone. Let others know that you are sick and need their help.

When the flu gets you overwhelmed by the doctor, speak openly about the symptoms and you do not have any problem getting the prescription medications. Because you do not want to feel more disgust. You want to go back to being yourself.

There are several ways to prevent influenza. Eat healthy and Exercise. Take the flu vaccine. Wash your hands regularly. But even when you put all these things into practice, you can always find yourself in the grip with an odd form of influence.

There are several ways to cure the flu. Drink a warm infusion. Take medicines. Contact your doctor. Medicate. Wait for steps, just to name a few. Influence arrives. It can strike anyone at any time. No matter what your race is, it does not count your age. Whether you are a man or a woman makes no difference. It does not matter that you are rich or poor.

The influence makes no distinction. It’s universal. It can happen to everyone and anytime. And no one will judge you if you are influenced by it. It is totally acceptable. We must begin to treat depression as if it were an influence.

After delivery, I was monitored for depression every hour. So much I thought, I do not know, are I depressed? Several friends had suffered from postpartum depression. A type of depression that is completely permissible nowadays. It happens. It’s real.

Doctors, nurses and newcomers know the signs to pay attention to, this is a matter taken very seriously. Here’s how all other forms of depression should be considered. I think most people think that way. Except those who really suffer from depression.

When I lost my parents, at a young age, I had a very difficult time. I’ve been depressed for a long time. But that time it made sense, I was in mourning. And that was tolerable. But when your life goes great and there is no reason to be so sad, it can be really alarming.

For many people is a difficult topic to deal with. It is hard to admit to yourself that there is a problem. Depression is such a strange disease that, at times, people do not even know that they are victims. You must stop defining it as a mental illness. Because that’s what scares people. And there is a strong stigma at the base. It’s a label too cruel. It is just a disease that not cared for and can kill like all the other pathologies.

It was abundant for me to realize how many people have faced similar situations to mine. But no one can know what this is all about until you are in a dialogue. So let’s start this damned confrontation.

I take drugs to cure my depression. I love when people tell me not to believe I’m under drugs. You look so happy. Yeah, that’s exactly why I take medicines. It’s just like when people find out that I use shampoo “Head & Shoulders” and yet I do not seem to have dandruff. Think about it.

Some people tell me they do not like to introduce chemicals into their body. They prefer physical exercise or meditation to relieve stress. And if it works, it’s wonderful. But stress is not like depression. Depression is something that is extremely difficult to get out of when you are inside.

But there is one problem with drugs: they make you feel so good that you will not need them anymore. I learned the lesson at my own expense. I stopped the cure. Great mistake.

I’m sinking into the worst form of depression in my life. I visited a place where I no longer want to go back. Yet, I’m really lucky. At this stage of my life I do not care about what others think. I was able to communicate with friends and relatives, let me know the infernal depths I was in.

One day I touched the bottom as I sat in the garden. The desperation I felt was so violent. She wrapped me completely, grabbing my life in the true sense of the word.

I remember limply that I was staring at the garage, knowing I could get rid of that tremendous pain. My kids were there and I really thought they would be fine without me. It did not frighten me how much it ought to have. I knew I was in serious trouble.

I knew directly the consequences that suicide may have on a family. The way it tears you completely. No one can go back to life before. Destroys people. The pieces can be put together, but they will be devastated forever.

I knew my thoughts were irrational, but I could not stop them. I called the doctor from my garden chair. Then I called Beau to tell him how bad I was. I knew I had to talk to her. I knew it was the only way out. I still called some people.

First I hid my depression. I did not want the others to know. It was something that isolated me, I felt a loser. I thought everyone had control over their lives, except me. I was ashamed.

Now it is no longer so. I understand that depression is universal. I’ve come to terms with reality: I’ll have to take drugs for the rest of my life and that’s fine. Since I do not feel so much pain. It will be worth it.

I was in that obscure anise. Blocked at the bottom of a well without escape. It’s scary.

When a person suicides, I feel sorry for others to say that she has chosen the simplest solution. Because when you are depressed you are convinced that your loved ones can be better without you. In your head is the only option that makes sense. You are trapped with your thoughts and there is nothing simple in this.

If you have never experienced such a situation, you are very lucky. It is the most frightening place where you can find yourself. It is a feeling of despair that can not be explained. You stand there and tighten your children knowing what they need of you, and yet you suffer so much that you think you will leave them forever.

Life is tremendously hard, it’s serious. There are highs and lows, and for some reason, we are led to believe that others are better than us, that we are the only ones who are bad. It is not true at all.

Depression is real. It cannot be hidden under the carpet. We must face it now. Before it’s too late.

Doctors should monitor everyone, not just newcomers. Depression can strike at all times. And it must be treated as the common disease that it is.

Everyone faces difficulties at some point. Ask your friends; certainly each of them has its own story. Me and my friends shared ours and this has saved us all. It’s amazing how much we can be like.

So let’s open this damned dialogue. There is no need to suffer alone. There is no need to suffer in silence. There is no need to suffer, point. Tell anyone, whoever it is. Talk about it. You are not alone.

Jack Mathew is an avid enthusiast of all things health and nutrition related, and often called a health geek by colleagues and friends. He is also contributor on a natural remedies blog, and he is now researching on Kratom for more researching for better use.

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