Five Things To Do To Optimize Your Weekend Time And Avoid Stress

“People have never been so attached to work as in this historical period. It is not difficult to think that stress fully wraps both the brain and the body.” Matt Ritchel writes on the New York Times, suggesting in five steps what to do to have a serene weekend without any problems. What to do? Here is a list of five practical tips …

Deactivate mails from your phone

60% of people who use the mail for work use their cellphone to read them. On weekends, it is good to turn them off and deal with backlogs at your return from the weekend.

Find even ten minutes each by yourself

Although the weather is relatively little to relax, the important thing is to find moments all by itself. Whether reading a book or a bath a little longer than usual does not matter. The key aspect is to give space to your needs. Taking care of these small things will make you feel the difference when you return to work.

Plan what to do when you return

Before leaving, the office set what to do when you return. So you give priority to your work and you will become aware that everything is fine and there are no pending things. You will end the weekend with more serenity without worry.

Try to break your habits

The weekend is relatively short and is usually marked by well-defined habits. What to do to get tired and relax more? Breaking them! In this way you spend the time spent with more lightness and carefree.

Get concrete targets for your return

When returning to work, go for small goals: following the third advice, you have to work for small goals. Concrete steps to optimize work and avoid waste of time.


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