Top 5 tips to lower cholesterol

How many times have you heard about good and bad cholesterol? Do you really know what that means? Sometimes we think that reducing our intake of fatty food is the only way to prevent and control high cholesterol levels in the blood. The truth is that there are several ways we can control those levels and make sure our body is safe and away from risky diseases and conditions such as diabetes or heart diseases.

Illustration showing the process of ateriosclerosis
Illustration showing the process of ateriosclerosis

What is exactly cholesterol?

Cholesterol refers to a substance made by the liver that has a vital role in cell work. It is also found in some foods; however, too much cholesterol can increase the risks of getting circulatory diseases.

Bad cholesterol in blood

Cholesterol is synthetized by the body so, in theory, we do not need to consume any more, the liver is in charge of producing the amounts of cholesterol we may need for cell protection and to carry nutrients. The problems start when the body cannot deal with the amount of cholesterol carried in the blood, and it stays in the system increasing the risks of circulatory diseases.

Diet can make a change

One of the most common ways to reduce your cholesterol levels in the blood is by changing your eating habits. Diets are not only to lose some pounds but also to improve your overall health. Some elements need to be added to your diet to reduce cholesterol levels, seeds, nuts, and avocado are good examples of good cholesterol that help reduce the bad one. There are always many debates on air fryer vs. regular fryer due to their effects on health. However, we suggest that you should switch from your regular fryer to an air fryer, it uses much less oil, and it gives your food that crispy look and flavor we all love from fried food. It can reduce the use of oil up to 80% in your kitchen.

Fiber, fiber, and more fiber

Apparently, fiber binds with cholesterol particles in your digestive system and move them out before they are absorbed. This is a very good option to lower cholesterol because it also improves transit in your digestive system. Besides this, eating more fiber will make you feel fuller for a longer time, so the craving for some caloric high-cholesterol food will not be a problem.

Always remember to relax

When facing a dangerous situation, our bodies become stressed. This is a natural reaction that helps us be ready for danger and threats, but the problem comes when stressful situations last for too long, and our body is always under pressure. In this cases, the levels of good cholesterol “HDL” in blood lower, and thus the levels of bad cholesterol “LDL” go up. It was the job of the HDL to keep the LDL under control, and if it is reduced the remaining good cholesterol is not enough to protect your circulatory system effectively.

Cholesterol levels have to be monitored from time to time, and it is a number we should not overlook. The higher the number, the riskier it is for your health.

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