Choose the shape of the eyebrows according to the type of face

shape of the eyebrows

A good beauty routine will influence your face on your face, but there is one thing that is primordial: wear eyebrows well defined, as they reaffirm the expression of your face and bring character. It is important that the shape of your eyebrows is in balance with your type of face; Know which ones are best for you.


The goal is to make a round face appear longer, making the face look more. They do well with high arched eyebrows, the direction from bottom to top – highest point -, which help to lengthen the face. You must stay away from the rounded eyebrows, as they will only make the face look rounder; If you do not like arched and marked eyebrows, opt for slightly inclined eyebrows, which will have a similar effect.


It is one of the best forms of the face, as this does not need as much attention as other forms of the face, and any eyebrow will adapt well to this type of face, although the brows curved with soft angles, get an exceptional look.


If you have this face shape, the goal is to make the face appear shorter, you can achieve with flat eyebrows. Arched brows are not suitable for long faces, as they will only make the face look extremely long, and this is what you want to avoid; always keep the bow low as it helps give a feeling of wider width to the face.


The most characteristic feature of this type of face is the line of the strong jaw. The forehead, cheeks, and jaw appear equally wide and the line of the jaw will be square, so you should make eyebrows that balance and soften the line of the jaw. The eyebrows are well inclined with a sharp beak because they balance the face, and the curved eyebrows also work.

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This type of face is wider at the level of the bones of the cheek, so the goal is to try to soften and balance the face, by means of curved eyebrows, since the arch lengthens and balances the face. Emphasize the central arch of the forehead, to move away from the wide face.


The aim is to soften the curves of the face with rounded eyebrows, with very soft bows, as they give a soft feminine appearance. The bow can be high or low, depending on whether it is a short heart or longer heart face, and try to always maintain the natural width of the forehead.

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