Fruits and plants to lose weight if you are a woman

Lose weight

To maintain a proper weight is necessary to have a healthy life, which means that you must maintain a proper diet, avoiding excess fats, sweets, and flours; in addition to that, you should practice physical exercise regularly. Also, if we wish, we can resort to some plants and fruits that have the power to help us burn fat and lower those extra kilos that can affect our health and therefore our quality of life.

Plants and fruits that serve to lose weight should be taken with great caution  (without consuming large amounts),  simply take what is recommended, as these should be part of a diet, at the same time as said diet Should be part of a special program to lose weight.

Here’s a list of the most effective foods that will help us reduce weight quickly and safely.

Foods That Help Us Reduce Weight


It is depurative and has the ability to activate the secretion of bile, in addition, it is very useful to improve the movement of the intestine, especially if you suffer from constipation. It helps to digest fats faster.


Like the artichoke, this also has purifying properties, helping to improve digestive problems. It helps to regulate the appetite since leaves a feeling of satiety, avoiding that it is hungry every moment.


In this case what is used is the stem of the fruit, is recommended in the case that the excess weight is caused by the retention of liquids, is also very effective to treat cases of cellulite. It is quite effective in dissolving and mobilizing the fats in the body which are eliminated by the urine.

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Bitter Orange

It uses the skin since it has the ability to increase the body’s calorie consumption, which can be very useful in those low-calorie diets.


This alga acts to help improve the metabolism and provoking a great sensation of satiety by the high water content that it possesses, it is a powerful laxative and toning of the stomach.


The caffeine that this plant brings to the body helps to accelerate the combustion of fats thus increasing the cellular metabolism. It is a special supplement for some diets, which often cause lack of energy, weakness, and exhaustion.


This is of great help to stimulate digestion, in this way facilitates the assimilation of all the nutrients and also contributes to the rapid elimination of substances that the body no longer needs.

Horse tail

This plant has a powerful diuretic effect, is very useful when the weight problems are caused by the retention of liquids, it is also detoxifying, helping to clean the body leaving it ready to start any type of diet.

Do not forget that these are simply aids or supplements that can be very useful when you want to lose weight, you should also exercise regularly, consume healthy food, including good amounts of fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water and overall change your habits of life.

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