Sometimes you have to give up various things to be happy

things to be happy

Just as we usually give up our well-being, we must learn to do it with those things that limit us. Begin to give up all those barriers that separate you from happiness. We have a multitude of toxic habits that pervade our day to day life without being aware of it. However, not knowing how to give them up has a big impact on our lives. Our beliefs, our way of seeing things and being carried away by negativity can cause us to be tremendously unhappy.

If bitterness has come into your life, if you have more bad days than good, it’s time to take a look at the things you have. Maybe there are a few that you should quit, but you have not done it yet.

Give up the past, the worst of habits

How many times a day do you remember your past? Sometimes we live more in the past than in the present but we are not aware of it. The present is almost meaningless, as we fill it with memories to which we are anchored and that cause us anxiety, anxiety and much sadness. We do not realize that now is what matters that the past has been left behind and that living in that time already passed does not provide us anything good.

So why continue to torment us?

Why we are very hard on ourselves, because, if we could, we would change many things that have happened. Although we know this is an impossibility, we continue to think about what might have been and has not been and how we could have done things differently. In this way, we intoxicate our present with bitterness, not experiencing it intensely and, literally, wasting time. It is time to give up the past, to live the present and to stop regretting and imagining another way in which things could have happened. If we want something to change, we can do it now.

Abandon fear

The fear we carry it on our backs every day and this causes us to procrastinate what we long to do, that we do not carry out our dreams and that we limit ourselves. This terrible feeling causes us to always be aware of the approval of others, to feel confident that we are doing the right thing and that others agree with it. We only put up barriers, one after another, that, when the time comes, they start to stifle us in such a way that they lead us to depression.

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When fear catches us completely, then we begin to hold others accountable for what happens to us, feeling like victims, avoiding taking the reins of our lives. However, we continue to waste time and avoid, of our own volition, to savor life as it passes without meaning to our most comfortable zone of comfort.

It’s not bad luck. Nor is the world against you. It is the fact of not making decisions, of hiding instead of looking at the fear in the eyes and piercing it. If you do, you will realize that for a long time you have been afraid of a mere illusion.

Stop thinking so much about others, prioritize!

It is not selfish to think of you, say “no” if you feel like it or make excuses for looking good because your sincerity could cause problems.

It is time to give up being always aware that others are well, while we wear and we live for those who do not correspond to us in the same way. Now is the time to detach ourselves emotionally from others to feel free and to notice that our happiness depends on no one but us. Let us realize that we can choose our emotional state without it being influenced by how others feel.

It is enough to judge others by their actions when we should turn our eyes to our own life and start to take responsibility for it, observing all those things that we do, but we criticize others. Happiness is one step away from giving up various things that we do on a day-to-day basis and that condemn us to a life full of displeasures and heartache.

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