Etizolam: A remedy for sleep well


Yesterday I had to try some Etizolam that came to me last week. I have 0 tolerance to the benzos (if it is really a benzo) since I only had some trances with a few beers when I was younger and, a week ago, I buy Etizolam from Canadian Etizolam vendor. That is why I cannot make comparisons to other substances in the same family. But there it goes …

22:20 Aprox: I take a 1 mg Etizolam pill.

It was a long time until I began to notice the first tickle, something that did not happen to me with the Valium, with which I noticed the effects faster. It was relaxed, calm but with the feeling that something big was coming. I read in Wikipedia a 1 mg dose of Etizolam is approximately equivalent to that of 10 mg of diazepam …. But it had been almost 25 minutes and that did not put me like I wanted to be, so ………..


22:55 Aprox : 0.5 mg more this stuff.

I took it and it seemed that the other hit me already a good trip: I had trouble moving, I looked for the sides but the vision had an incredible delay (I do not know if I explain), total well-being: sedated on a good level. I was beginning to feel the way I wanted to.

To this, it should be added that the effect was also effective, which, in addition, potentiated the effects of the first Etizolam mg excessively.

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I decided that if I took more time would take until the next shot (that takes? ….) because I was already in bed I will forcefully pull only to pull out my right hand and slightly move the mouse to look at things internet – I could not – but I did not want to sleep yet, I wanted to enjoy everything I could of that state.

00: 10 Aprox: 0.5 mg of Etizolam

That, half pillar more, 15 minutes and it’s over. I could not wake anymore; I fell asleep and stayed for almost 12 hours. I never slept so much, but it was more than I slept that it seemed that I had died. Sweet death!

In short, I can only compare it to the Valium of 5 mg but Etizolam is a lot and that much, stronger.

Ah well, the negative point is that I’m left there more 3.5 mg and I’m crazy for eating another 2 mg. This has an addictive criminal power, and that’s what I’m most afraid of. It is available in two forms Etizolam powder and Etizolam Pills. You can order online through Canadian Etizolam Vendor for quality products, customer service, fast shipping with good price.

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