Top 5 Tips for Losing Weight Without Starving

Tips for Losing Weight

To lose weight in a healthy way and not to win again we must be aware that it is not a matter of taking a temporary diet but learning to eat well. We are tired of listening to tips for losing weight in a thousand different ways, some of which, moreover, are contradictory. However, losing weight should be a goal that can be achieved by changing harmful habits by other beneficial, progressive and, above all, without starving.

In this article we give you the 5 best tips to lose weight with common sense, enjoying the food, learning to eat differently and discovering an infinite number of possibilities.

1. Do not go hungry

This obvious advice is much more important than we believe, as it will ensure the success of our purpose. Going hungry is a torture that we submit to our body and, later on, we will take an invoice.

Repressing ourselves at lunchtime when our body asks us will create a constant anxiety that will make us end up eating more and worse at other times. Therefore, it is much more effective to “cheat the stomach” when we feel like eating:

  • Drinking water. In many cases, we confuse the two needs and we can see how the hunger disappears when drinking a glass of water.
  • Take an infusion, a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts, roasted and without salt.
  • Concentrate on other tasks or activities, without the intention of repressing us, but of leaving the food for later.

2. Learn to eat

Many people with weight loss difficulties often have high levels of anxiety and a poor relationship with food. Eating is also an apprenticeship that we are always in time to repeat, to go from being a frustrating moment to a pleasant act among many others.

Learning to eat is based on the following points:

  • Serve only the ration that we want to eat.
  • Chew and taste the food well.
  • Eat without haste, but no distractions.
  • Avoid important conversations during the meal.
  • Eating out of the work environment, whenever possible.
  • Do not fill us up at every meal. The ideal is to always stay at 80%, that moment in which we could still eat a little more but, if we wait a few minutes, leave us satisfied and energetic.

3. Choose food well

We must stop counting calories since it is an obsolete system to lose weight that the only thing that does is to stress the organism. What we must do is to choose natural and unprocessed foods that are very nutritious so that they give our body what we need and we can feel in good humor, satiated and energetic without abusing food.

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We can eat some foods rich in fat, in moderation, as these will accelerate our metabolism and help us burn more energy.

Recommended foods:

  • Fruits and vegetables, fresh and cooked, in salads, juices, milkshakes, etc.
  • Whole grains such as oats, rice, millet or quinoa.
  • Nuts and seeds.
  • Healthy fats like avocado or ghee (clarified butter).
  • Ecological or good quality animal protein: meat, fish, egg.

4. Avoiding what increases your appetite

Yes we must be very careful with foods that increase our appetite artificially, there are three:

  • White sugar.
  • Refined salt.
  • Monosodium glutamate.

If you look at the ingredients of the most usual snacks in supermarkets, we can see large quantities of these three products with addictive properties: stuffed olives, fried nuts, chips, biscuits, etc. When we start to eat them we will notice that they are very tasty and that it costs us much to stop eating them.

5. Losing weight without hurry but without pause

Do not obsess about losing weight, much less if it is a goal that you drag out of a lifetime. You will have to make important changes in the way you eat so that it is not a sacrificial and temporary diet, but rather a learning to eat healthier and that, in addition, you enjoy doing it.

For this, it is not about days to lose weight and days of exceptions. It consists of changing the habits that harm you for others who benefit you, finding recipes that you like and substituting the most harmful temptations for healthier ones.

Surely there are many foods that you do not know yet and that will offer you many possibilities to enjoy cooking and eating without that is the most important in your life.

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