How is it possible to lose weight effectively?

lose weight

To ensure that we do not recover the lost pounds, it is important that we change our conception of food, improve our diet, drink lots of water and practice physical exercise. Surely one of the most repeated New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight. It is a goal that most people have ever marked in life, most of the time, in an unfruitful way for various reasons. If we want to lose weight effectively, especially if it is a matter of losing several kilos, it is necessary to put ourselves in the hands of a professional, a dietitian or an endocrinologist, who will elaborate an individualized diet.

To do this, we will ask questions to know our dietary habits, schedules, exercise we do, culinary tastes, etc., tests to determine our body mass index and fat amount and some tests to know if you should consider other pathologies to The time to elaborate the diet.

What should we know before starting a diet?

  • Make five meals a day.
  • Practice exercise to consume more calories and to avoid when we begin to lose weight, the flaccidity of the skin.
  • We should never make a diet that has passed us an acquaintance since we have already said that the diet should be individualized.
  • Never make diets of the so-called miracle, which promise to lose a lot of weight in a few days, because they always recover. And especially dangerous are those that tell us to eat a single food or to totally suppress other groups, such as those that totally ban the sugars, can have serious detrimental effects on our health and always have a rebound effect.
  • We should never weigh ourselves daily, once a week or every 15 days, always in the morning and the same day of the week. In this way, we will avoid obsessing with our weight.
  • The first few weeks, the loss is much faster and, as we get closer to our goal, the pounds cost more. This is because at this point what is lost is fat, whose loss is slower but is much more effective.

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Basic guidelines for a diet to lose weight effectively

If we want to lose a few kilos, there are some basic recommendations common to all diets.

  • It is recommended to eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables, especially in the middle of the morning, at the snack or when we get hungry between hours, thus avoiding the consumption of other foods more caloric and with more fats customary in those foods.
  • You can eat all vegetables, raw or boiled, except potatoes, carrots, and legumes. We will have to take a ration in the food and another in the dinner.
  • The meat should be free of fat, chicken, turkey or beef and we can take any fish. At lunch, we will take a serving of meat or fish and another at dinner.
  • The broths and purees are allowed whenever they are of vegetables or we eliminate the fat if they are of meat.
  • Dairy will be skimmed and sugar must be replaced with sweetener.
  • Drink plenty of water and suppress the consumption of soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, and packaged juices. Coffee and tea are allowed.

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