Benefits of egg white

egg white

Egg whites provide us with protein and have no cholesterol or fat, so we do not run the risk of gaining weight. Without the yolk, they only have 15 calories.

Eggs have always had a terrible reputation for health since they have a high caloric content (but quiet, do not raise cholesterol), however, some people decide to separate the yolk from the egg whites to be able to consume it in a more comfortable way.

Egg white has some special properties that will surely interest many for the benefits it can bring.

Benefits brought by consuming only egg whites

  • A high level of protein, since it has more than one whole egg, has about 4 grams, and does not contain any fats, unless they are consumed fried with some type of oil, although if cooked with Olive oil, the cholesterol risk range is lower.
  • It has very few calories, provides approximately fifteen calories if you consume the whites only, otherwise, the whole egg will contribute more than seventy calories.
  • The whites do not have any cholesterol, so it is ideal for those who have problems with this type of lipids.
  • Does not contain any fats. Usually, the whole egg has between five and six grams of fat, although two of them are saturated fats. That is why it is quite important to replace the whole egg with the clear ones simply.

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The Clemson University conducted a study with several researchers and found that a peptide (a very short sequence of certain amino acids) in the egg whites can lower blood pressure of a person, so it is as effective as drugs that are prescribed for This kind of routine conditions, but the great advantage is that it does not run the risk of having side effects of the prescribed drugs, since the clear is of natural origin and has no components that can affect the health of a person.

It is important to use certain types of vegetables to accompany the egg whites, as they may be unattractive for consumption or perhaps too “simple” so that they can be accompanied by several healthy vegetables such as carrots that have a large amount Of beta-carotene.

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