Seven things you did not Know about Yoga


Unlike other practices, such as aerobics or pilates, sometimes yoga is unknown. It is likely that after a first class we all ask ourselves: Why did not I know? Today we bring you seven things you did not know about yoga.

It produces thighs:

Yoga is not a sport but if someone thought it was crossing their legs and saying “om” I was totally wrong.

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Yoga consists of a series of stretches (asanas in Sanskrit) that require great flexibility. Either we discover how rigid we are or we are surprised to know that, contrary to what we thought, we are very flexible. And yes, yoga gives stiffness!

No disguise is necessary:

We should not dress in Bollywood, so the robes and skirts full of folds are not necessary for the practice of yoga. The main thing is to be comfortable so we will leave the shoes off and wear elastic clothing.

It is not practiced with music:

The teachers do not advise the musical environment. The silence must be the protagonist of the room. Yoga tries to get concentration and calm of the mind. We just have to focus on our breathing, so we’ll leave the music for later.

We must forget the sense of ridicule:

Some postures of yoga can provoke shame or ridicule. We must completely forget about these feelings. Yoga is to meet with oneself, so it is not about winning any championship. When we forget about others, we will be able to focus on ourselves.

It is a discipline practiced mostly by women:

Yoga mainly attracts the female audience, who mostly flee from competitive sports and seeks calm. Even so, it is also ideal for athletic men, since they relax and strengthen muscles.

It requires a lot of concentration:

Many will think that trying to leave the mind blank and concentrating on something is a contradiction. The truth is that it is not so in yoga. This discipline exercises the mind to bring it to inner peace.


The speed and amenity of a yoga class that includes practice include warm up, postures, breathing exercises, and deep relaxation. One of the most surprising things is that yoga engages. Perhaps it is because yoga transcends exercise to become a way of seeing life.

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