Massages to reduce cellulite


Anti-cellulite treatments are usually done in specialized aesthetic centers. In many cases, these sessions include a massage that helps to move all the substances, also the fat, to their original place. It is a very effective method of gradually eliminating cellulite.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or money to carry out these treatments on a regular basis. That’s why in this article we teach you four massages to reduce cellulite. You don’t want to lose this! Keep reading

There are different types of anti-cellulite massages, but they all seek the same goal, stimulating circulation in areas of the body more sensitive to cellulite. In this way, all the substances that have been stagnated and returned to their natural state are mobilized so that the organism can eliminate them.


4 massages to reduce cellulite: taming, pumping, bearing and knuckles


This massage is applied to the entire surface of the hand in the affected area, trying to maintain contact with the fingertips and the palm. As the word itself indicates, timing comes from kneading, and this is precisely what needs to be done. Pressure the area.


Pumping is one of the massages to reduce cellulite more known. It is done by interlacing the fingers of both hands to compress the skin with the wrists in small doses as if you tried to pump the blood to the heart. That is if you want to massage your thighs, start at the knee and end up in the groin.

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If, on the other hand, you want to treat the arms, start from the position of the elbow towards the shoulder area.


It is a massage a little painful but quite effective. It consists of pinching one end of the area of the body with cellulite and reaches the other end without loosening the skin, like a roller. Of course, if it hurts too much, try with softer massages.


It is an effective massage to reduce cellulite. You only need to exert pressure in small circles with the knuckles of the hand. To carry out this type of massage is necessary to use some kind of cream or oil so that the skin is hydrated and allows gliding without problems.

If you want to reduce cellulite, we advise that you combine physical activity on a regular basis with these anti-cellulite massages. Surely you begin to notice the changes in your body. Cheer up!

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