Find out what the TDS is and its main benefits


The TDS (Trainer Door System) is a new training system that is based on the execution of exercises in suspension, i.e. the hands or feet are placed at a sustained point while the rest of the body remains supported on the ground. With this discipline, you will use the weight of your own body to exercise the entire muscular system.


Origins of TDS

This training method was created by the Navy SEAL, the special groups of the Armed Forces of the United States. The military needs to keep the physical condition in perfect condition to perform their work with guarantees, but sometimes they are in inhospitable places on the planet where it is impossible to access the required training material. In their beginnings, they used the parachute belt to perform this type of suspension training.

How to practice TDS in your online gym

If you want to start practicing this discipline at home you will find lots of website as your platform. You just need a device with an Internet connection and are subscribed. You will find some experienced person who will be in charge of teaching you to correctly perform all the TDS exercises.

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Obviously, to do the TDS you also need a nylon tape that is very resistant and can be regulated. On one side has a point of anchorage and for the bull, some support to be able to hold you.

Benefits of TDS

With this method of training in suspension, you will get fabulous results in all your muscles, that is why more and more people are choosing to practice this discipline.

Things to keep in mind before starting the training

Warm up well before beginning: it is very important to activate the muscles before starting to exercise and above all know how to execute each movement. If it does not run well, it can lead to injury.

Try to maintain balance at all times: destabilizing while doing the exercise will not achieve the expected results. It is advisable to reduce resistance if you start to lose balance or notes that you are not working properly.

Control the abdominal and lumbar areas: the abdomen and lumbar muscles have to go hand in hand in the TDS sessions. You must make the sequences together to avoid displacements in the pelvis.

Do not wait any longer, start your training and get great results!

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