My first months as a parent

A few months ago one of the most wonderful changes took place in my life when I and my wife were blessed with a beautiful daughter. I thought I knew what was coming, but it turned out I had no idea.

Many people have asked me about my first thoughts when I discovered that I was going to be a father. It was something that my wife and I had planned, so it was not a shock for me, however, reality hit us shortly after nine months, you’re going to be responsible for another human being. For the rest of his life.

It was something I took seriously, but as time went by and as the delivery date approached, all my focus was on making sure my wife and baby were healthy. My wife did not have a pregnancy easily and had to be hospitalized several times during his term, but everything went well in the end and we were blessed to have a healthy child but decided to come one month ahead of schedule.

Premature baby!

Being a doctor in a family of doctors may have some advantages, however, not when your own child is the focus of attention. My brain kept running a hundred studies that I would have read about premature babies. As is the case with most babies born before term, she was also underweight.

This made his ability to fight any possible infection, be compromised and therefore my head was filled with all sorts of worst scenarios. I talked to other people who had gone through this before and discovered that what was happening was not uncommon and was only heightened by a greater awareness of medical possibilities.

My baby, fortunately, did not have to stay in the hospital for longer than necessary and was able to perform all the essential functions without any artificial help, so we got home a couple of days after delivery.

My first months as a parent2

New Baby Madness

We had been careful to make sure everything we could need for the baby and was prepared well before delivery, but no one can anticipate the frenzy that accompanies a new baby.

My wife took care of most of her time since I never took any time to work, but every moment I spent at home I dedicated to looking at that little baby I had produced. I was very interested in participating as a parent from the early stages, although I was very nervous about doing something wrong.

My daughter was never very crying, but there was one night that I can clearly remember where she started to cry and just did not stop. Everything I had read in the books to prepare me for this moment came out the window as me and my wife panicked. Nothing we did made her stop. She did not seem to be hungry or needed to change her diaper, which covers 90% of crying emergencies.

Finally, after the longest five minutes of my life, she gave a big belch and immediately began to calm down.

Changing diapers was something that was much easier than I expected and I did not have to wear the gloves, mask and other equipment I had stored in the house. As my daughter grew a little more, I began to notice small changes and rarities in her that literally illuminated my day. Like when she smiled a little during her sleep or immediately after getting up.

My first months as a parent

I have no idea why that happens, but I looked at it for hours!

In paternity everything is new

A baby changes everything

Here is the fact that every experienced parent knows and new parents find out soon enough. Not everything is good. There are some important changes that must be made in your life, as it all begins to revolve around your baby.

Going out for dinner is not only deciding what type of food you want to eat, other than that you should make sure that the place is not too noisy, not too far and of course any excursion has to be done with a fully packed baby bag for any situation May arise.

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The relationship between my wife and me has also changed. We have less time for each other since all our time seems to be around our baby.

Both I and my wife love to travel and we decided that having a baby would not change this thing. In fact, we decided to take a trip to the United States when our baby was 4 months old. It was a fun trip without a doubt, but traveling with a baby is very different from traveling alone.

I think we underestimated the trip, so we had to reduce our adventure a lot. That’s just another small change, which we’ll consider next time.

My first months as a parent3

Every day is a new experience

The only thing I’ve learned in the past six months as a parent is that I will never have complete control in every situation. There is no way to predict how a baby will behave with certainty and that could go along with my plans or not. There is nothing I can do about it.

Every day I feel that I have learned something new about their behavior and feel better equipped as a parent, although not everything I thought I learned is very useful.

Patience with your baby, with yourself, your partner and those around you is key to overcoming times when everything seems to be getting out of control. Take a step back, relax and look into your baby’s eyes and everything will be fine.

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