6 Exercises That Will Transform Your Body

If you are looking for some ways to change your body, there are several ways to achieve monumental transformations in a reasonably healthy time. The first point to understand is that in any case, it should be a combination of that exercise with the potential to transform your body but accompanied by a healthy diet that not only supports that change but also potentiates it.

That said, we want to show you a series of exercises that are most effective for strengthening your body, burning fat and giving it shape. Here is our recommendation of 6 exercises that will change your body quickly.

1. Jump the rope

6 Exercises That Will Transform Your Body

Do you remember when was the last time you skipped the rope? Maybe in childhood? Well, jumping rope is probably one of the exercises that will quicken your body. The potential to burn calories from this exercise is gigantic and with 100 calories per minute will definitely be the number one exercise to have in your repertoire. It can be used as a warm-up, as a cardio session to finish after the weights and can also be used for a fantastic interval session.

Tip: try this session.

  • 1-minute warm-up
  • 1 minute of jumps with knee elevation
  • 1 minute of jumps with heel blows in buttocks
  • 1 minute of sprints at full speed
  • 1 minute of slow jump
  • 1 minute of jumps with elevation of knees
  • Rest 2 minutes and repeat

2. Squats

6 Exercises That Will Transform Your Body1

Contrary to popular belief, the squat is a compound exercise that attacks much more than a single muscle group. This powerful exercise helps tone the legs, buttocks, and strengthens the body in general, not to mention a number of calories burned during and after exercise.

You can do them with weight in the gym using bars, dumbbells, Russian dumbbells. At home with elastic bands, without weight, deep, with jumps, holding the posture … The variety is great and all are beneficial. Doing squats regularly is one of the best ways to transform and improve your body and your health.

3. Flexions of Arms

6 Exercises That Will Transform Your Body2

Not usually a favorite of many people because the exercises that start are difficult to make, but can do wonders for your body. There is a variety of arm flexes you can do that will work with different muscles of the arms and shoulders. Even the abdominal muscles are activated considerably by doing pushups, another reason to incorporate them into the routine.

Make push-ups for a few weeks and you will experience firsthand how your arms are sculpted and in general your entire upper train. As an extra, arm flexes are great for your cardiovascular health and also improve posture. Simply incorporate them into the routine but be sure to do them with the right technique to avoid low back pain and possible injury. This applies to absolutely every exercise you do.

Tip: Test the descending series.

  • 10 push-ups with open arms
  • 9 push-ups with arms closed
  • 8 with arms open
  • 7 with arms closed
  • 6 open
  • 5 closed
  • 4 open
  • 3 closed
  • 2 open
  • 1 closed

Repeat 1 to 3 times more.

4. Strides

6 Exercises That Will Transform Your Body4

The buttocks, thighs, and calves will greatly benefit from this exercise. The lunges or strides will give you excellent results because of their nature isolate the leg worked making the exercise more intense. Like squats the variants are many. You can do it with a barbell on the shoulders, with dumbbells, elastic bands, in step, with your own weight, jumping, alternating legs, all with excellent results if you keep the exercise challenging and the exercise is sustained in time.

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As always the best results will come from regularity so we recommend a minimum of three weekly sessions with 4 sets of 12 repetitions with each leg. It can be varied with days of weights, others with jumps to add the cardiovascular component and the other day in drawer or step to support the back leg and increase the intensity.

5. Swimming

6 Exercises That Will Transform Your Body5

If there is a complete exercise that can leave you dazzled by the results you will get this is swimming. Swimming strengthens your middle zone and uses numerous muscle groups, but it will also give you other benefits …

It lowers blood pressure, strengthens the heart and improves aerobic capacity. It is also a complete, fun and stressful exercise.

So if you have access to swimming pools in the area where you live swimming will be an alternative that will do very well.

6. Run

6 Exercises That Will Transform Your Body6

Never but never hear us say something bad to run. We love running and recommend it as much as we can. Reasons not missing …

Running relieves stress, improves heart health, reduces the risk of depression, reduces body fat, burns many calories and even enhances one’s self-perception. Running is basically a meditative activity that has the potential to transform you mentally and physically.

Running develops strong and toned legs and slims you quickly. We love running and it is the exercise that we recommend to do regularly. Some do it every day, we recommend two to three sessions a week and supplemented with some form of strength exercises such as weights, exercises with their own weight or also with other activities or sports.

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