When food and personal hygiene are closely linked, here are some tip for taking care of yourself

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Power can, in many ways, putting a strain on the balance of women’s intimate areas, and is often considered related to this important aspect of a woman’s health. Eating carelessly can affect the primary barrier to vaginal defense.

There are certain foods that have been identified among the factors that can contribute to changes in the flora and the vaginal pH and give the green light to pesky irritations and consequent infections.

when-food-and-personal-hygiene-are-closely-linked-here-are-some-tip-for-taking-care-of-yourself2I remember that during my first pregnancy, when the candidate had hit me relentlessly, the doctor had recommended among other things, a diet providing for natural yogurt and kefir that their content of lactic acid bacteria, can help to balance the vaginal pH and restore the basic protection against bacterial and fungal infections.

At the table the temptations are there and are called grills, culinary delicacies and mountains of various sweet type. I do not want culinary terrorism and tell you to delete all the sins of gluttony because, besides not being just, it is not scientifically proven link between certain foods and candida.

Among the foods at risk include those too sugary, carbonated drinks like the rich preservatives and artificial sweeteners; some carbohydrates and various alcohol.

In general, a lighter diet that prefers white meat, fish and eggs is preferable, as well as a good intake of vegetables and fresh fruit.

happy family keeps fresh vegetablesCertainly be aware that vaginal health should be approached from different angles, it is by far the best strategy because they all contribute to our physical and mental wellbeing.

Its gentle formula is completely free of parabens and SLES, reducing the risk of occurrence of allergic reactions and ensuring total protection even during all those pleasant summer situations where we could be more exposed and less attentive: the pool on Sunday, the journey of our holidays and the hours spent on mats in the water. That’s thanks to its formula with Sodium Usnato and essential oil of red thyme, known for its natural antibacterial properties.

Also, wear light clothing that let your skin breathe and take light and balanced diet, they are good starting points to take care of their private parts.

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