Stress in mothers, try to fight it with the breath and visualization

This is an article that I dedicate to you with all my heart; I know what it means to be located inside the tunnel parenting.

When we hear all the cargo on the day when we do not even have time to take a shower, go to the hairdresser we are left gaunt and emptied of all physical energy and the whole world becomes an absurd heaviness, you need for yourselves, for your psycho-physical balance, and as a result of the children, enjoy a moment of quiet housewife, which usually coincides with the daily nap / of infant / s, possibly to sit comfortable in your favorite corner home, to close your eyes and take some deep breaths.

stress-in-mothers-try-to-fight-it-with-the-breath-and-visualization2A small space in which to relax and breathe

Already this is a gesture that determines the respect for yourself. If others do not recognize the value of your daily work, constant, diligent, giving everything for granted, do you. Give yourself a value recognizing the need for even tiny space in which to relax, also had two minutes. CREATE YOUR this micro-inner place of silence: hands on belly sit back and rest.

At the prenatal course you should have already learn to breathe from the abdomen. If not, begin to take deep breaths, feeling physically hands that rise and fall to the rhythm of your movement.

This brief exercise is useful to ease tension from your shoulders, because it makes us enter into the space of the body and calms the mind, with its constant references to daily tasks.

And now off to display 

At this point, I suggest some views to fully relax and recharge your batteries. If you are good you, all will be fine.

The display constitutes use of the imagination, and this leads us to get in touch with our creativity, a key function of the mind. Through the consistent use of creativity, we train us find the most diverse solutions to those who seem the terrible problems of everyday reality.

How to perform the exercises

First of all you need to clear as much as possible the mind through deep breathing (many breaths do as many as you feel necessary) then follow a route that I suggest.

You can also record the words on your mobile (every cell is equipped with a recorder), risentirle and then let go of the fantasy on the given track. The important thing is to have an attitude of relaxed but alert abandonment with your eyes closed.

Stressed mother with childWhat to display?

… a green lawn …

Started this pleasant exercise shows a large green lawn on a gentle slope. You’re sitting there, stretched out, or sitting cross-legged, as you feel better. The wind caresses sweet and brings you the scent of a stream nearby. Curious, you decide to go and see. The view from the hilltop is superb, the sky is clear and the sun will warm the skin. You approach the stream, you are barefoot and grass tickles your feet, feel the contact with the earth, which gives you energy and strength. Revenue with its feet in very cold and felt an immediate feeling of freshness and vitality. Water flowing placid calm the mind and you lose you in its silvery sound.

Stay there until you want, then, with a few deep breaths resume contact with the body relaxed and open your eyes, remaining seated for a few minutes.

… Or a flower garden …

Begin to see yourself in a beautiful flower garden, full of colorful flowerbeds yellow, pink, fuchsia, red, many shades of green that leaked here and there, the intense waves that tickle the nose, and procure you joy. Feel how this feeling opens your heart, creates an echo resonance at the center of the chest, expands the space around you. You move calm and relaxed in the garden, gazing in wonder all the magnificent forms of nature. There are trees around bordered with flowers and branches there are hanging bells, swinging in the wind, producing silvery sounds. You will be enchanted by this delightful and delicate chimes, which takes you back to your little girls dreams. Stay there to enjoy this moment, feeling lightness and joy, which arrives at each point of your body, melting tension and heaviness.

Stay there until you want, then, with a few deep breaths resume contact with the body relaxed and open your eyes, remaining sessions for some minutes.

… Or other places …

Taking a cue from these tips, you can invent yourself stories, the places, such as a beach, the mountains, the one that best suits you.

If you will like the experience, over time go into that with new suggestions.

Meanwhile, I recommend that all of you give to yourself the right value you deserve and that you recognize what protagonists of an important chapter of your life (though perhaps it tends to limp a bit ‘, but who is perfect?

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