Kegel exercises against incontinence after childbirth

Today I will talk about pee. In particular, the loss of urine that occurs in many women have after giving birth.

The push to release the child is so violent that the vaginal muscles in the end they do not know even know that we are doing there, they do not respond to a minimum of contraction when we beat a cough or a sneeze, and so we make it slip in with no little embarrassment.

Therefore, it is necessary to intervene with targeted exercises that can allow the muscles of our proven vagina to regain their tone, how?

kegel-exercises-against-incontinence-after-childbirth2If you curricular pilates (a cross between yoga and pilates), aerobic, acrobatic steps and anything else the fitness scenario is invented in the last decade, do not overlook one of the most interesting gymnastics in circulation for our more delicate and intimate part of life. The center of the universe, the one who stirs the testosterone with the same force of an earthquake at the 125th position to all the conceivable measurement systems.

The vaginal muscles have the same needs as those abs, that is, to be always in the form they need to work as the abdominals. We say thank you to the American gynecologist, so Arnold Kegel, who in? 1946, dedicated the first gymnastics vagina affecting pubococcygeus muscles surrounding the urethra, bladder, uterus and anus.

 The Kegel exercises are great for women of all ages.

 For different reasons:

  • Provide better orgasms, easy to reach, more intense and strong;
  • Sex much more satisfactory;
  • Facilitate natural childbirth since the Kegel exercises help to relax the muscles;
  • Guarantee a quick recovery after childbirth.

What are Kegel exercises?

First of all these exercises you can do at any time of the day because they are very discreet and do not require performance by porn star overloading the male hormones.

 No requests kamasutriche risk positions ER and / or denunciations for obscene acts in public places, but you can easily do according normally standing or sitting, unnoticed.

 Phase 1

To recognize the affected muscles, try to stop the pee while you’re doing. Therefore Squeeze your pelvic floor muscles and hold: the feeling is to push up the affected area.

Phase 2

Hold the contraction as you can

Phase 3

Then relax the muscles for 5-10 seconds and start over again

Phase 4

Respite normally while you contract the muscles

Phase 5

Repeat the exercise at least three times a day

Phase 6

Try to not move your legs, buttocks or abdominal muscles during exercise

kegel-exercises-against-incontinence-after-childbirthWhere and when do Kegel exercises?

In the office, type.

So no one will notice anything unless you’re so focused that your blank stare could suspicion few colleagues mischievous.

Or let them pin machine, in waiting rooms or while you’re in line at the post office, always casual, I recommend it.

The ideal amount of exercises would be 10 contractions per hour and the first improvements are seen after about 5-6 weeks, also with regard to incontinence, though this does not have other causes.

For maintaining enough 10 exercises 2 or 3 times a week.

I conclude with a gem.

There are some useful tools to practice these special exercises known as smartballs, Chinese balls or Geisha.

It is vaginal balls that stimulate, massage and tone the vaginal floor. Equipped with a wire that protrudes outside should be included as if they were a tampon.

The vibration of the balls send a signal to the pelvic floor muscles, which spontaneously contract in an attempt to retain the balls inside the vagina.

The Smartballs can stay inside the body from a few minutes to several hours. To enhance the effect can be used while moving during daily activities (I found out that my friend uses them while wearing walking the dog).

 The Smartballs are:

  • Produced with materials compatible with the body
  • Free of odor;
  • Water resistant;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Quiet and discreet;
  • Recommended by midwives.

 And you? Have you had problems with incontinence from postpartum?

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