It is the heart that matters

It all started with a little pain in the back, height lungs. Suspect to have some inflammation in the midst of that which this year seemed like an epidemic from Betrothed, has risen, so, almost spontaneously.

I go to the doctor to give a name to my problem and he is so good, so competent, so meticulous about the various analysis and various specific tests for you to do it in his veins the quintessential aalarmist

Basically if laments ingrown toenail stuff that presumes arterial obstructive and prescribes you the challenging for hospitalization.

it-is-the-heart-that-mattersTherefore, after having communicated my SLIGHT disorder in the back looked at me as if I had a day and a half of life.

“um, I do not really like it at all”

“eh, doctor give me a chance. I want to see my daughter grow, continue to love my husband, and enjoy with him the wrinkles of old age … “

The irony is the only weapon that distracts him from his clinical frown overly attentive to the health of his patients.

After the visit I recommended an X-ray because it wants to make absolutely light on the issue, had not even auscultator the Alien puppy breath inside me every time I had to do long breaths speechless.

Fortunately they are not anxious or hypochondriac, or easily influenced by doctors predictions, I faced the slabs with courage and peace of mind by removing occasional negative thought like “and if I found out you had.”

Back to my doctor with the results of the various specific tests contained within an abnormal folder.

The diagnosis is bronchitis and inevitable course of antibiotics for a few days.

The doctor carefully observes all the data and puzzled asks: “But how old is she?”

“45 years doctor,” I think about a possible connection between my years and bronchitis

“no, because here known that his cardiovascular system is a tad, well, in later years, seems to have something like more than 80 years”

Ole. A ola for me.

“So ??!”

“The risks are premature atherosclerosis, say”

No, because the other examples which can be? Alzheimer’s? Parkinson? Senile dementia?

And so other demanding for specific analyzes that make me see the risks that I have for stroke and heart attack .

Another ola, please.

Fortunately they are not anxious or hypochondriac but this time a little ‘affected by an unexpected diagnosis that made me the effect of a bucket of the North sea water.

I spent days waiting interesting: I thought the birth death cycle, it can be challenging if I lost his mind, and how valuable dignity and health of each of us.

it-is-the-heart-that-matters2What to do?

In short, this experience helped me to pause for a moment and allow me to assess that the greatest wealth of man is not the bank account from Rockefeller but the love of self and the rest of the world (the treasures of the heart) and good health (the treasures of the body), the treasures of the chest are inevitably last and if the first two are given the right and proper relevance come without effort.

The analyzes are fine, the doctor pulled a long sigh of relief encouraging me to a lifestyle more health-conscious:

  • No more sausages;
  • We do not speak of dairy and its derivatives;
  • Stop smoking;
  • Just bread and pasta one-off;
  • Alcohol goodbye and sugars as well;
  • Do a lot of movement (long walks or activities in the gym, preferring the stairs elevator, bicycle to the machine or motor)
  • Eating antioxidant foods (red fruits, nuts, goji berries) and consult a list of foods rich in Omega 3

Here is the list of foods “bearers” of Omega 3:

  1. Flaxseed: They cure constipation, high blood pressure, cholesterol and heart problems.
  2. Chia seeds: One of the primary plant sources of Omega 3 are used to dress salads or eaten as a crunchy snack. Regularize the intestinal functions, they are high in fiber and promote physical strength and emotional stability.
  3. Salmon: Along with sardines, shrimp, crabs and oysters, salmon is rich in Omega 6, proteins, vitamins and minerals.
  4. Fish oil: If you are unable to take on the Omega 3 in the right amounts of food in which they are present you can fall in fish oil that is found in pills.
  5. Nuts: The dried fruit is one of the main sources of nutrients, fiber, protein and iron. Three a day to eat on its own or in yogurt, salad and pesto sauce.
  6. Soybeans: Many soy-based products, such as milk can provide the right amount of Omega 3, it is also just one drink a day.
  7. Eggs: Excellent for breakfast or as a complete meal if accompanied with vegetables and whole wheat bread, are an excellent source of protein and Omega 3, but given their high level of cholesterol is wise to limit consumption.
  8. Cauliflower: this vegetable is considered one of the richest in Omega 3 and other essential nutrients such as potassium, magnesium and niacin that help maintain a healthy heart and blood vessels.
  9. Canola: Canola has many virtues for heart health, as well as being rich in Omega 3.
  10. Spinach: Poor in calories and rich in minerals and iron.

But I will tell you. I never felt so good. In body and in spirit

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