Diabetes, more and more widespread and dangerous disease

That diabetes, especially the type 2 and pre-diabetes (i.e. the State where the insulin produced is not enough and in the second case not effective) are among the most common diseases in recent decades is well known.

Yet, before I moved to the States not I never fully realized what impact this disease has on the daily life of a diabetic and how much attention to detail to be put into actions that most of us to be taken for granted.

For example by shopping in supermarkets I found myself in front of an incredible number of products for diabetics that I never thought existed.

diabetes-more-and-more-widespread-and-dangerous-diseaseA few days ago, lost in contemplation at the shelf of canned beans, I am approached by a middle-aged lady age:

“If you want the beans with the lowest sugar content, I suggest these …” he says gently, showing me a particular brand, “you know, I am diabetic and I know what are the best products!”

I thanked her, and as I watch her taken away from her shop, I reflect on how my way of grocery shopping is much more “distracted” than that of a diabetic. As you try to buy healthy products, certainly not lose too much time checking each case the percentage of sugar!

And yet so many people do it routinely, forced by the condition that they live.

My mom had diabetes, and I remember the daily routine of blood glucose : pinprick on the finger, drop of blood, analysis and results.

Although the procedure was not complicated, to prick their fingers fury, he felt like a pincushion and to be honest, it was just a nuisance that I am sure you would be spared willingly.

At the time it was not available to anything more sophisticated than this method of analysis. Today, however, a patient may have access to other much more affordable diagnostic devices. One of these is GlucoTrack DF-F that has completely eliminated the evasiveness of the levy blood by a patented combination of three technologies, electromagnetic, ultrasonic and thermal through separate criteria, related and compensated by a unique algorithm, provide accurate blood glucose measurement.

Diabetes treatmentBy applying a clip to the earlobe or the palm of the hand, the glucose levels are shown on a color display and the reading with voice message is also available.

Patients with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes have the possibility to access the daily measurements by avoiding the hassle of painful bites, while lowering equipment costs because no more needles, the expense will be more limited in the long term.

Diabetes is a chronic disease that requires a patient and meticulous attention to many aspects of daily life. Having a simple blood glucose measurement method and certainly not invasive simplifies the day of a patient, encouraging regular monitoring and raising awareness of the condition.

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