Communicate with children before they learn to speak? Sure you can …


Communicating with children is a kind of small enterprise for new parents who fill their head a thousand questions: “why now crying? What will you need? Hungry, thirsty, you want to sleep? It is sad, angry, tired? Who knows what is he thinking? Why he has pulled the saucer, the cup, and spoon as if he had got hold of the spears? Yet it seemed he was hungry … “

And in fact you never reach a satisfactory answer, it moves according to our instinct or you are groping in the dark, and it appeals to social channels, the full-bodied community of moms who surf the web, or you launch an SOS to very active groups.

communicate-with-childrenThe United States has landed an interesting and enlightening program of gestural communication addressed to young children who have not yet acquired the verbal tools to allow him to interact with the adult world and to convey with the utmost ease their own needs, desires , and moods. We’re talking about Baby Signs in America is riding for over 30 years and now broadcast in 40 countries. Now, as we said, it is also and I had the pleasure of meeting a contact person who is responsible to spread this innovative and inspiring teaching and who I asked at once two important things:

What Baby Signs?

Is a communications program gestural (marked) aimed at babies and toddlers (0 to 18-24 months), c h and has the objective to give him the chance to communicate before they learn to speak by taking advantage of a perfectly and naturally channel able to use: the visual gestural. In fact in the physiological development of language, the child, even before you learn to speak spontaneously use their hands to communicate his needs. Accompanying the normal situations of interaction between parent and child with both modes (verbal and nonverbal), the child will learn to use this channel to express themselves through movement of his hands and allow the adult to understand what he needs, what he feels, or what is curious, all this long before they learn to speak.

communicate-with-childrenSuch as the Baby Signs program benefits?

It reduces tears and frustration: the child has finally an alternative tool to tears to see if something does not like or are not good

It facilitates learning of verbal language facilitating the learning of concepts.


  • It stimulates cognitive development
  • It promotes self-control of behavior and emotions
  • Strengthens the parent-child
  • It increases self-esteem

But if you use the signs do not run the risk of stimulating the child to speak later than expected?

Absolutely not. Baby Signs research funded by the National Institute of Health and conducted for twenty years in California, has been scientifically proven that children who use the program, they get high scores in standardized language tests for what concerns both the understanding of words both production of words and phrases.

And in addition to the linguistic advantages it has been shown that the sign also supports cognitive relational and emotional development, as evidenced by parents from all over the world who have decided to bring the Baby Signs Program to their child. More onĀ

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