After the maternity want to find work: Where do I start?

Find work after maternity leave is not easy and safe enterprise you’re probably asking a lot of questions.

If the postpartum period has the clear objective to look after the baby, accept his tears, the nights more or less white, frequent feedings and sometimes exhausting, in short, to do live the mother in terms of a small being screaming and very demanding it is normal that she then feels the need to get back into play at work and regain a bit ‘of healthy independence.

after-the-maternity-want-to-find-work-where-do-i-startIf you are among those that a little feeling the guilt, heed, throw it out. In the damp, in the dry, in the plastic, where you want, but get rid of it as soon as possible. ‘Absolutely normal and human to feel a desire to return in a sense to live, respirator, to feel again thinking beings and especially also think a little’ to themselves. It goes from a very long period in which the focus was on the child, his needs and the family to one where our needs begin again to peep.

So if you plan to look for work, do it!

If you have lost it during pregnancy because it ended a contract, if you want to regain economic independence, professionalism and why not, even self-esteem, or simply because they feel that this is the right time, think seriously about to resume a career.

Many moms feel this desire. But really how many manage to make it happen?

Here are some ideas to consider whether and how to look for a new job:

  • Seek advice to other mothers will find that what you feel at this moment is certainly shared experience!
  • Do not accept the first job that you happen just to make your contribution in the family.You would find a few months later to regret the choice made . Therefore prohibited settle.
  • Strong point 2) so look for something that fits your passion . Feeling stimulated the search for a job that makes really right for you and that you marry your personality and your passions, despite your family commitments. Be stimulated, in a moment like that in the first months of the child is also crucial for moms. If you do not like what you do, it will probably be difficult to do all the successful days.


  • To do this quickly and easily you can see the ads online portals. For example, if looking for work in your city, you can just go on the site home, set as the reference city local and click on the category “Work”. Of course you can set some preferences: thanks to the practical system of filters you can easily narrow down the area you want to find employment expertise: accounting, retail, human resources, sales agents etc. Clicking on each ad then, you can read the information on the type of contract, if it is a part or full time work, remuneration and more.
  • Pay attention to the Curriculum Vitae! He wants an eye. Try to prefer the USA format that effectively summarizes your experience and is easy to read by the employees to human resources.
  • Finally train yourself to always believe in yourself and never stop doing so and a big good luck! I learned recently that answer “cracks” in this wish refuses the wish itself. The mother wolf mouth is the safest place for her cub as to move them from one place to another she takes them in her mouth. So I would say a nice “W the wolf!” There is everything ….

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